Only the Beginning of the Adventure

What is Hope Adrift?

a pirate ship covered in pixie dust
slipping through the tendrils of a cloudy night

a forgotten message in a bottle,
glass weathered and green,
floating just out of reach 

I’ve always been a writer, a story-teller with a great admiration for books and the imagination. When I was little, my mother would take me to the library and I’d check out the max amount of books allowed. I’d read them several times over, excited for our next library trip.

I had endless make-believe stories that I told myself orally, as I played with my toys. Around 11, I began writing my stories down, ideas unbound.

But at some point in my life, I began to doubt myself. My ideas, even the ones created just for me, were not good enough. I began to share less, though I never stopped creating. For years, I lived in a daydream of my stories, feeling sad that they were not good enough to be shared (or so I told myself).

Now, I see that this was just depression speaking. And after years of living with depression, I’ve realized that it’s not something that defines me or something that has to define my writing.

In 2017, I reconnected with a part of myself that I thought I’d lost. The inner child, the joy of creating, the contentedness of being just myself. Now, it’s 2018 and I feel that the journey has only begun.

This blog is to share my adventures as I drift along, discovering, creating and living.

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